Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography
2 hr.

It's a once in a lifetime experience. This moment will live on in your memory, and can even become memories your children will appreciate. Everyone remembers seeing how beautiful their mother was on her wedding day.

When you hire Kiki Photography to take your bridal photos you get a sure knowledge that your photos will last a lifetime. Enjoy having pictures taken without any awkwardness. It's fun, easy, and you will look amazing.


Getting Your Bridal Photos

Here's what you can expect.

1. Free consultation

You get this consultation regardless of if you hire us. We'll talk about the looks you want as well as your timetable and the amount of photos you wish to receive.

2. Photoshoot

This is the best (and most fun part). You model your own wedding dress, beautiful and wonderful.

3. Photo Edits

I will edit the photos to provide you as many finished photos as possible. I pride myself in getting you photos you can be proud of.

4. Portrait Delivery & Customer Satisfaction

This has two steps. 1). You get the photos either through a sharable link, or through a USB drive.

2). You are very happy about the photos. It's that simple.

It's a very simple process and you can ask any question at any point in the process.

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