11 Engagement Photography Ideas for a Winter Shoot

Getting married in the winter can be a magical experience. The engagement photos can be especially amazing because of the freshly fallen snow. You may not know where to go for your engagement photo shoot though so here are some ideas to share with your photographer to point them in the right direction.

Go to a snowy park and take photos of your loved one playing in the snow

Most of us have memories of growing up in the snow. That's a perfect source of inspiration for your engagement photo shoot. Make a snowman with your fiance or have a snowball fight with your love. Even going sledding can be amazingly cute. You just gotta make sure your photographer can get the right shots at the right time.

Dress up in winter clothes and go for a walk together

There's something magical about the deep stillness that can come with a winter landscape. There's a reason why there's a song about walking in a winter wonderland. So go for a walk with your love through this frozen fairytale and make sure your photographer is there to capture it all. Just pick any sort of place with lots of snow and go for it.

Take pictures on top of a hill, looking out over the gorgeous scenery below you

Having a view is always a good idea in your pictures. Get up high and take a long shot of the valley. The hard part with doing this during the winter is that it's really cold. Make sure to pack extra layers and even some cocoa! That would also be a cute picture by the way.

Sit by a fireplace with your loved one and take some cozy photos

What could be more cozy than sitting by the fire and sipping cocoa with a nice warm blanket. Doing that will make your photos very cozy and warm. Your photographer will be able to capture you and your fiance snuggled up close together. You get to be cute and warm, and the photographer gets amazing photos. Easy.

Get dressed up as Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus at home and get ready to open presents together

If you're near Christmas time then dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus makes for a great picture. You'll likely want some less goofy photos but having rosy cheeks and a big red coat is just what you need for a great engagement photo shoot.

Make hot chocolate together while sitting next to each other on the couch

As I've mentioned a couple of times, hot cocoa is cute. Snuggling is cute. Hot cocoa and snuggling is cute. There you go. Just grab a photographer and make sure you're wearing your favorite clothes and your engagement photos are sure to be a hit.

Midvale Ice Castle

Hidden in Heber Valley is a marvel that happens every winter. The Midvale Ice Castles is a large attraction made entirely of ice. It makes for a great backdrop for a beautiful couple about to get married. That's you and your fiance by the way.

Near-Frozen Utah Lake

During the winter Utah Lake gets frozen near the edges and right near the Haunted Forest there's a dock that looks amazing. Grab your fiance and your photographer and head on down to the dock for some amazing photos. Just make sure you don't fall in. You can take the photos at sunset for some amazing views of the sky reflected off the ice.

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point has some beautiful lights during the night and some beautiful gardens during the day. It makes for an excellent photo shoot at any time. You may have to pay but it's worth the price. You and your future forever will be able to walk the cobblestone paths and have your photographer capture your loving affection easily.

Alpine Loop

Though cold, the wintry Alpine Loop has the rustic wilderness beauty that you might be looking for. Most of the trees up there are aspen so their natural light color compliments the white snow very well. Make sure you bring some great shoes if you plan on going off the beaten path.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Another frozen body of water is Tibble Fork Reservoir up in American Fork Canyon. This dock however, is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and beautiful mountain vistas. It will be very cold, but you and your fiance will be able to catch amazing photos easily.


Whether you plan on going up American Fork Canyon for some shots at Tibble Fork or staying in by the fire, you can capture timeless memories to show as your engagement photos with eas. If you haven't found a photographer yet, I'd love to capture those memories for you. Just give me a call and we'll have an amazing photo shoot.

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