11 Engagement Photography Tips for the Bride and Groom

Congratulations on the engagement! We're so excited you found your perfect match and we know that this is a really exciting time for both of you. You're probably starting to plan all the logistics, but don't forget about one crucial detail: photography. This blog post will give you 11 tips to help you and your fiance to get great engagement photographs.

1. Get to know your photographer:

The photographer is one of the most important people you'll work with while getting married, so it's important to know a little about each other. Your engagement photographer probably has an online portfolio with their work and also contact information. So before booking, browse through his or her portfolio and get a feel for what you like. They should have testimonials from past clients and should be chock full of ideas on where to shoot, looks to try, and more.

2. Pick a location that is meaningful to you and your partner:

Consider your engagement shoot location as a way to bring you and your partner's history together. Think about where you met, first kissed, or went on your first date. Were there any locations that were significant to both of you? Do you have a beach house or country property that is special? Perhaps it's the place where either one of you grew up. Don't worry about picking a place other people like. Pick a place that you and your fiance will remember fondly.

3. Make sure there's enough light for good pictures:

Pro photographers will tell you that you don't need the sun to take good engagement pictures. However, there are certain times in the day when light is best for taking photos outdoors. Morning and afternoon light can be great, but early evening or late morning tends to work better because it's softer and less harsh than midday sunlight can be.

4. Have fun:

The engagement shoot is going to have more atmosphere than a 'typical' portrait session with your favorite photographer. Some of that has to do with lighting and location, but some also comes from your attitude toward the shoot. Be open to trying different poses and locations; if something doesn't work, just move on! Don't overthink it. Try anything that springs into your mind. If your photographer is worth their salt, they'll be taking photos anytime you and your future spouse are doing anything cute, even if it's not planned.

5. Bring props if it helps tell the story of who you are as a couple.

Before you get to the shoot, plan with your engagement photographer on what looks to try and how to shoot. Your photographer should be able to supply a few props, but you can also bring your own. If your shoot is in the Fall, bring a pumpkin or something. If it's in the Winter, mistletoe might be more appropriate. Don't limit yourself, especially if a prop helps you feel more comfortable.

6. Keep in mind time constraints and your photographer's schedule.

A good engagement photoshoot should be able to take no more than 4 hours, but don't expect that you'll have all of that time for pictures alone. Two hours might be a better goal to shoot for if you want time with your photographer and alone time together. You'll likely have to meet up somewhere and then drive to the actual shoot. For example, we meet clients at the mouths of canyons like American Fork or Provo Canyon, and then we follow each other up to the actual shooting location.

7. Work with your photographer by giving feedback after each shot.

Good engagement photographers will ask you how the pose looks or if you like a certain location. They should be open to your thoughts on this, but remember that they're also trying to capture professional-looking portraits that showcase your personalities as well. Think of yourself as an important critic and also as the star of the shoot. You'll have to be open to the photographer's feedback as they'll be open to yours.

8. Be aware of how close or far away from each other you stand during poses.

In most instances, you should stand close together to look more intimate. However, if it looks awkward or unattractive when you're side-by-side, then gently pull your other half closer and fill the gap between you two with laughter. The best thing you can do during your engagement photo shoot is to just be in love with your fiance. The more lovey-dovey you are, the more cute shots your photographer will get.

9. Don't forget one final kiss at the end for some extra special images

All engagement photo sessions should end with a kiss. It's a very special moment and it can be made even more special if you give your photographer the go signal to take some really steamy photos of the two of you kissing, especially if they catch you off guard (like at the last minute).

10. Be happy! You're getting married soon :)

In the photos, you and your other half should be smiling and should genuinely be happy. It's easy to think about all the things you need to plan, but you need to forget about that right now. Just focus on being with each other and making memories that will give you joy for years to come.

11. Enjoy yourselves! It's an exciting day full of love and laughter!

Don't be shy, and don't hold back from showing affection. The engagement session is a perfect time to get used to being in front of the camera and you'll find that it's so much fun!

It's also a lot easier to get fun and natural shots when neither the bride nor the groom is too worried about what they look like. When everyone is just relaxed and having fun, the pictures turn out great!

Now Go Take Great Engagement Photos

We want you to enjoy your engagement session and take the best photos possible. With these tips, we hope that you will be able to have a great experience at the photoshoot! If you need any help or advice on what poses work well for couples, feel free to contact us anytime. And don't forget one last kiss before calling it quits for some romantic shots :) We'd love to share this moment with you. Schedule your engagement photos today!

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