7 Bridal Photography Quotes to Inspire You

So you've scheduled your bridal photoshoot and now you're nervous about appearing in front of the camera. That's normal. Everyone gets nervous to get in front of the camera. Here are some of my favorite photography quotes to help inspire you and get you prepared.

1. "The best shots are always the ones you don't plan for."

This is a quote by which to evaluate your photographer. If they aren't always taking pictures of you while you are on location then they will miss some very cool shots. Some of my favorite shots I've taken have not been when the client wasn't particularly posing. Instead, it was an unplanned shot that was complete perfection.

2. "I am not a photographer, I am an image-maker."

This is another idea that your photographer better live by. You can't just have anybody take your photos. Instead, you need someone who really gets your vision. You have to look through their portfolio to make sure they can really get you the photos you want.

3. "Photography allows us to capture and share moments with those who we love most in life"

That's what you need to remember about getting your photos taken. These are memories you are immortalizing to share with the people you care most about. The smiles you give to the camera are really being given to every person who will ever see your photos. Just think about all the people who love you and smile for them.

4. "A good picture is knowing where to stand"

The nice thing about bridal photography is all you gotta do is look cute. Some people think that they have no business getting their picture taken. Your photographer will tell you exactly where to stand and that will make a great photo. As the subject, you just need to come and follow directions.

5. "Don't be afraid to show your true self."

As the subject of bridal photography, you need to realize that you are the beauty of the photo. You just need to let your true self show. Doing that will make each and every one of your photos a beauty.

6. "A photograph has the power to stop time and hold eternity still."

Especially with your bridal photos and even engagement photos, this sentiment holds true. Your bridal photos will freeze eternity still to capture the precious moments of your nuptials.

7. "I'm not going to take any pictures of you, I'm just going to watch you for a while"

This quote makes me laugh. It's essentially what photographers do. Hopefully, it brings a smile to your face.


You're now ready to get your picture taken! In all seriousness though, the photographer will do all the hard work. You have nothing to worry about. You'll have lots of fun. If you haven't found a photographer yet, we'd love to be your photographer. Give us a ring and we'll take pictures of your ring.

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