7 Summer Engagement Photography Ideas in Utah County

Summer has this amazing way of making us all feel alive. What better time to shoot your engagement photos than during the season of excitement. The only thing now is to choose the right engagement photography idea that will produce photos you'll smile at for the rest of your life. So here are 7 Ideas in Utah County for your Summer Engagement photoshoot.

Capture the beauty of Provo Canyon

During the summer a trip up Provo Canyon will yield you the smells of distant campfires, the sound of the wind rushing through the green leaves in the trees, and beautiful vistas of stalwart mountains. What more could you ask for for a memorable photoshoot.

One of the best things about Provo Canyon is that it offers so many different shots. You can easily find locations with rocky backgrounds as well as a location with a river in the shot. You can even find places with views out over most of the valley. Provo Canyon has such a diverse selection of places to shoot your engagement photos that you'll likely have a harder time narrowing it down than anything else. If your photographer doesn't know any places, just reach out to me and I'll send you in the right direction.

Go to a park and take photos along their trails

Utah has many amazing parks and trails. I used to live at the mouth of American Fork Canyon and there was a fun trail right behind our house. Utah is the place for exploring.

So go explore with your fiance and your photographer. You don't have to find a memorable place to take memorable photos. As long as your engagement photographer knows their stuff they can find the right backdrops for any couple.

Finding a park that has relatively few people is a good idea though. Sometimes it can be hard to get people out of your shot. You'll also want someone else along with you to keep watch for runners or bikers if you are planning on shooting on one of the many trails around Utah County. Sometimes people don't look where they are going.

Lastly, if you and your fiance have a dog or a cat, a park is a great place to add them to the pictures (if that's what you like). A park photoshoot is a great way to add some personality to your engagement photos.

Find an old abandoned house and explore it together

You definitely need to find the right house (and make sure it's safe and legal) but exploring the retro and rustic scenery of historic housing can create some amazing shots. The main thing is capturing romantic moments between you and your soul-mate. The background should complement and not compete for the camera's attention.

As long as you aren't trespassing, if you find an old farmhouse with a large field that makes for some really beautiful photos. Your photographer can get long shots of you and your love walking in the field and then some close-up shots of you two near the house. Just don't forget to kiss.

Spend some time at the BYU stadium, or any other local sports arena

For our sports fans out there, commemorating your nuptials at a sporting arena can be both cute and fun. You can take pictures in the stands, and if you're lucky, on the field. This can be an especially meaningful option if going to games was a big part of your courtship. As your team was winning on the field you were both winning each others' hearts.

Don't forget to also book a location where you can take more formal photos. At the stadium, you likely won't want to show up in a dress and a tux. Instead, you'll dress less formally, but still cute.

Visit one of the many outdoor malls in Provo

Especially at sundown, the malls like the Riverwoods and even the Outlets near Lehi can give an almost magical feel to your photos. Your engagement photographer can take shots of you having dinner, walking down the boulevard, and kissing under the lampposts.

There are even some benches that create some amazingly cuddly pictures that will stand the test of time.

Take engagement photos on top of a mountain with incredible views like Mount Timpanogos

Your wedding will something you'll remember for years and years. Why not make your engagement photos equally unforgettable. Take your fiance and your engagement photographer to the top of Utah County by hiking up to Mount Timpanogos for an amazing shot of the entire valley.

If you aren't up for that long of a hike or are looking for a trip that won't make you sweat, there are many other options where you can capture an amazing view. From Traverse Mountain to Provo Canyon you can easily find high places that will give you and your fiance the view that will take your breath away.

Water Shots at Utah Lake

Because summer is so hot it's the perfect time to take your engagement photoshoot into the water. I actually did this for my engagements and my fiance and I had a lot of fun. It's cool and refreshing and anyone can act cute playing in the water. That makes for amazing engagement photos.

You will want to make sure you have appropriate clothing as you won't want to get your nice clothes wet (unless you do). you'll also want to take some shoes that can get very dirty as there will likely be mud and sand.

Among the Trees of the Alpine Loop

There are countless spots that are perfect for engagement photography just up in the Alpine Loop. If the spot you had your heart set on is taken, just drive up the road and you'll see a new one. With the mountains in the background and the aspens in the foreground, it's easy to set up beautiful photos for any couple.

Congratulations And Good Luck

Planning a wedding is hard. At least you won't have to worry about finding a location for your summer engagement photoshoot. You've got 7 amazing ideas and now all you need to figure out is what you're going to wear.

I'm glad I was able to be even a small part of your wedding and hopefully, this article helped. If you're looking for a photographer, I can help even more. I have years of experience and work with all kinds of clients. Just let me know how I can make your engagement photoshoot the best.

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