7 Surefire Ways to Make Your Bridal Boudoir Photography Session Not Awkward

Soon you'll get to spend the rest of your life with your beloved fiance. You're planning the wedding, making sure you get your engagement photos, and you've even booked a bridal boudoir photography session as a surprise for your love. Doing a boudoir photo shoot can be awkward. Here are 7 tips to help avoid that.

1. Be honest about your goals for the session

Doing a boudoir photoshoot can seem uncomfortable and unlike who you are normally. But we all want to feel beautiful. Scheduling a boudoir photography session is a great way to unveil that beauty to your fiance and more importantly to yourself. So be honest with yourself. Tell yourself that you're doing it to show off your beauty. Own it. That's the only way to truly feel comfortable doing the shoot. Know that your photographer will be fully confidential and you'll be the only one with access to your photos. So just let your beauty show.

2. Make sure you're comfortable with the photographer before committing to a date and time

If you're unsure about your photographer, then postpone the shoot until you're sure. This photographer will be getting an intimate look at your body. Don't give them that privilege if you don't trust them as a person.

On the flip side, if you're very comfortable with your photographer having them take your boudoir photos can be really easy. They'll know exactly what to say to help you be comfortable and exactly how to help you be the most beautiful you possible.

3. Choose a location that's relaxing, but not too personal - avoid locations like your bedroom or bathroom

Sometimes it's nice to go somewhere new where you have no history. That way you don't randomly think, "What am I doing here in my bedroom." For some people, it may not matter, but for others, it's a lot easier to go to a unique location that is very comfortable and inviting yet still impersonal so you don't feel like you're doing something weird in your own space.

4. Bring along some snacks to keep your energy up during the session

It's your photoshoot. Bring some snacks and make the whole thing more fun. Sometimes shoots can last for over an hour and that can get tiring if you're doing pose after pose. Bringing a snack can keep your energy up and can even add to the photo.

5. Talk openly with your photographer about what you want from the shoot - is it all lingerie shots or more traditional boudoir shots as well

Do not ever let the photographer pressure you into doing a photo that you are uncomfortable with. You get to choose what pictures get taken. At the same time, let your photographer know what kind of shots you're looking for. If you're making them uncomfortable, they have a right to know beforehand. This will also allow you and the photographer to brainstorm together amazing outfits and/or poses that you can try. After all, a photoshoot is a collaboration.

6. Get ready beforehand so there's less pressure on you while taking photos

Make sure you schedule time before to get everything ready you need. Have all your outfits laid out and prepared as well as any makeup you need. Do your hair and bring any props you want to use. The last thing you want to do is get halfway through the shoot and then realize your favorite outfit is still hanging on the hanger at home.

7. Let your photographer know if you're feeling uncomfortable or anxious

As I said before, if there is any discomfort, let your photographer know immediately. If you are less outspoken of a person, you might want to try practicing saying no early in the relationship. If the photographer says to schedule on a certain day, say no and move the appointment to another time just to help yourself get comfortable saying no. That's not licensing to be a jerk. It's just you trying to make sure you can protect yourself if need be.

Your boudoir surprise for your future spouse will be sure to show them your true beauty. With these 7 tips, your shoot will be relaxed and very fun. Which tip helped you thphotoshoote most? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear how your shoot went. If you haven't found a photographer for your bridal photos as a whole yet, schedule a shoot with us. We'd love to capture your most precious memories.

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