9 Engagement Photography Ideas for an Autumn Shoot

You've found the perfect dress. You're picking out your venue, and you're starting to plan your honeymoon. What's next?

Engagement photos!

As summer fades away and the leaves change colors, take advantage of the beautiful scenery for some gorgeous engagement shots.

Here are 9 ideas to help you capture all those memorable moments with your fiancé!

Before we go on, be sure to book your free consultation call with us to plan your perfect engagement photoshoot!

Now to the ideas.

Fall leaves (Provo Canyon)

A beautiful couple showing an engagement photography idea for an autumn shoot in front of colored leaves

Fallen leaves are a great, seasonal element to incorporate in your photos. Start out on a leaf-covered path and grab some shots with them tickling your feet. Then grab some more photos at the end of the trail as you walk off into the distance. The colors of the leaves provide an excellent backdrop for any engaged couple.

As a photographer, I'm always looking forward to Fall to take photos among the red and orange leaves. They make for some really beautiful photos that instantly convey deep emotion.


Sundance is classy and full of awesome picture spots. It's rustic and you can even take the lift to the top of the mountain for some breath-taking vista shots.

Sundance is a great place for photos because it has so many nooks and crannies to explore (not to mention an awesome restaurant with great food). The feel of the resort is electric and transfers to photos taken there. Sundance is one of my go-to's for Autumn engagement shoots.

Rustic Meadow

A beautiful couple showing an engagement photography idea for an autumn shoot.

Up Alpine Loop or Provo Canyon, there are many meadows that make for a great engagement photo shoot. Autumn is the perfect time for a session like this because of the perfect lighting and gorgeous golden foliage.

You can get the leaves, but having an open space like a meadow allows you to also get mountains in the background. During this season you can almost see the crispness in the air which makes your photos even more beautiful.

Taking Photos in a Pumpkin patch

Taking photos in a pumpkin patch is a great idea because it's so simple. You can use any pumpkins you like, and the colors are just beautiful when paired with fall leaves.

The nice thing about this is that most pumpkin patches don't mind if you take photos. Plus you can pick out a nice pumpkin while you're there.

Old barns

Old barns make great backdrops for photos because they have the perfect weathered look. Barns are also full of nooks and crannies, so you'll always be able to find interesting angles.

I don't know why, but a barn seems to fit in Fall more than other seasons. Maybe it's because Fall is associated with The Harvest and the barn is a symbol of finishing work on the farm. Either way, an old barn makes for a great place to set up and take some great engagement photos.

Hay bales and corn stalks in a field

We've all gone on a hayride or walked through a cornfield. With the right lighting (maybe sunset), that can be the perfect combination for engagement photos you'll cherish for years to come!

Old Downtown

A beautiful couple showing an engagement photography idea for an autumn shoot in beautiful downtown

Now that nights get darker sooner, an evening shoot can be a great opportunity to explore the old part of town. Small towns have quaint shops, coffee houses, and restaurants that make for perfect backdrops for photos.

Darker nights mean they turn on street lights earlier. This creates a perfect scene for a cute couple walking down the street. What could be a better engagement photo than that?

A pumpkin carving contest

This goes hand in hand with taking photos at a pumpkin patch. Why not take it a step further at your local pumpkin carving contest? You'll have all the supplies you need right there, and everyone will be in one place for the ultimate photo op!

Or you can make it more intimate and do it at home

There's something romantic about twinkling lights, fresh flowers, and a warm blanket during the fall season. So why not do your engagement photos in your own living room?

Halloween Hot Spots

This is for those engaged couples who truly love Halloween. Not only is it your holiday, a lot of times Halloween has a lot to do with your life together. Maybe you met at a Halloween party, or you've always been dressing up and going to Halloween parties together. This is not the usual fall engagement shoot. It still may have some serious meaning to it for an engaged couple who digs this holiday.

You can take pictures at a haunted attraction. Maybe you dress up in cute Halloween costumes. Maybe you find an actual haunted house!

Whatever you do, we recommend you use these fun photos to supplement your traditional engagement photos so that you get the best of both worlds.

A beautiful couple showing an engagement photography idea for an autumn shoot on a beautiful trail

Beautiful Fall Photos

Fall is my favorite time of year. Every day, I get to see the leaves change colors and fall from their trees. The crisp air invigorates me as I walk through Provo Canyon or visit a pumpkin patch with friends and family. When it gets darker outside, there are always plenty of Halloween hot spots in Utah County to keep us entertained on those long nights full of spooky fun! Whether you're looking for an old schoolhouse or church for engagement photos this season, we can help you find one that matches your personality perfectly! Book yours today!

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